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Saturday, February 17, 2018

First Flower Of 2018

I've been watching the buds come up all week and today one bloomed!  It's the first crocus of 2018.

I have a little list going:
2017 February 10
2016 February 16
2015 February 8
2014 February 15
2013 February 3
2012 January 30
2011 February 23
2010 March 4

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Edibles 2018

basil *

snap: contender  (buff valentine) (bush)

scarlet nantes

slicers: marketmore 76

garlic *
hard neck

blue curled scotch

kohlrabi *
early white Vienna
purple Vienna
delicacy white

leaf: salad bowl
leaf: red salad bowl
leaf: black seeded simpson
romaine: forellenschluss “speckled trout”
romaine:  red
soft head (butterhead) : buttercrunch

onion sets
red comred (red)
ebenezer (white)

parsley *
flat leaf
giant of italy

shelling types: little marvel (dwarf)
snow peas: melting sugar

bell: golden bell:  starter plant
bell: early summer:  starter plant
bell: red beauty:  starter plant
bell:  red knight X3R:  starter plant
bell:  Valencia orange:  starter plant
bell:  California Wonder:  starter plant
bell:  lilac:  starter plant
jalapeno: mucho nacho: starter plant
jalapeno: capsicum annuum:  starter plant

multi-colored: french breakfast
multi-colored: sparkler
multi-colored: scarlet turnip white tip
red: cherry belle

squash, summer
early prolific straightneck
black beauty (zucchini)
early white bush scallop

squash, winter
candy roaster

grape/cherry type: chocolate cherry: starter plant
grape/cherry type:  sun sugar:  starter plant
grape/cherry type: sweet baby: starter plant
grape/cherry type: red cherry: starter plant
grape/cherry type: sweet 100: starter plant
plum/roma type: amish paste: starter plant
plum/roma type: la roma: starter plant
plum/roma type: roma:  starter plant
standard slicers: early girl: starter plant

----- Perennials -----

asparagus *
jersey knight

mint *

winter onion
Egyptian Walking *

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